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Pictures from the Expo

UK Expo 2014Posted by Sir Keith Tue, June 03, 2014 20:15:30
As i start to complete my reports from the expo, i have also a number of photos to add...

This was our first time having a table at the show - Steve did a great job showing Every Round Counts and was ably supported by the Squire

Paizo tipped a toe into the event with a supported Pathfinder Society play zone

Also Shadows of Esteren were present and I was able to have a good chat with Nel and the rest of the team!

Monte Cook and Shanna Germain came over from the States to talk about Numenera and RPGs in general (hosted by Paco from GMS Magazine).

Though Chris Barrie's Seminar was a smash hit and to be honest he is a really decent individual...

And here are some other images from the weekend....

Please feel free to use these though I would appreciate the credit....

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