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Every Round Counts kickstarter

May 2014Posted by Sir Keith Fri, May 16, 2014 18:28:54
Thirstyknights are proud to announce their first kickstarter.

A Card & Dice Game for 3-6 Players, Set in a Fantasy Inn Setting, Guess your outcome, roll the dice, watch your opponents!

You are a rookie bartender hired by the dwarven ex-adventure Gorak Longbeard, who is the head bartender and owner of the Troll Head Tavern. Gorak has decided to run a competition, a simple competition which is the rookie bartender who serves the most beers keeps their job for another day!

In the game, you each take a turn being the dealer. Each player gets dealt 5 cards. There are three different type of cards, White, Yellow and Red Cards. The white cards are divided into Customer Cards (these cards show you how many dice you will roll); Re-roll Cards (these allow you to re-roll a given amount of the dice) and bonus cards (which give you bonus points); the Yellow cards ( which help you) and Red cards (which you play on your opponents to hinder them)

Each Player in turn plays yellow cards if they have them, replenishing their hand, then they count (not out loud) how many dice symbols are shown on their remaining cards and decide how many beer glasses they are going to roll on the custom dice and place the beer token on the number they are calling on there beermat, each player in turn plays any red cards they have in their hand on any of their opponents. After this the players reveal their hands and roll the custom dice and score their hand, with adjustments from the cards (if any), then receive the coins they have won that turn and after every player has had a turn at being the dealer, the coins are added up and the winner is the one with the most coins.

Please have a look and consider backing this game. You can try it out at UKExpo at the end of the month at Birmingham Hilton.

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