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First expo review

UK Expo 2014Posted by Sir Keith Tue, June 03, 2014 09:48:12
So finally home and able to collect my thoughts about a really successful UKexpo.

This year was the busiest yet! The crowds on Saturday were extraordinary and the initial reports show over 10k came through the doors over the weekend. This year we came up on the Thursday so we could do some organised roleplaying on the Friday and Steve could set up for his weekend of showing Every Round Counts.

I should have known that this was going to be a mad weekend by the crowds on the Thursday. The bar area was filled with people playing games and the guests for the Eagles gig at the NEC were a little unsure what was happening! The Friday just got busier and busier with all the RPGs filled up and the free play areas packed. The quality of games in the Expo Games Library was very high and busy throughout the weekend.

On the Friday I played a Basic Roleplaying game and an Atomic Age Cthulhu game. I gave my pathfinder ticket to a PFS member who had booked the wrong game. I will be posting game reports from all the games I played so you can see how the sessions worked. This meant I was able to help Steve set up and also touch base with Chris from UKGMN. Chris runs this site to help all UK podcasters and bloggers keep in touch and help each other. He is a top guy and the work he does is extraordinary. Please check out his site.

Saturday dawned and after a queue for breakfast it was time to get to work. I initially met with Chris to see what the schedule for interviews would be but both he and Liz from Nearly Enough Dice had it under control. However Paco and Martin from GMS Magazine were running the seminars so I was able to help them prepare and get the rooms ready. After a quick panic over sound ( luckily Chris came to the rescue) they were set for action.

The Bring and Buy was manic. The trade areas packed and the seminars so popular I ended up doing crowd control, showed how the Expo was growing into something really important. See my next post - top five good and bad from UKExpo.

Saturday and Sunday was a blur. I was able to meet and talk with many publishers, designers, writers and artists that it was an amazing weekend and now I am sitting at home exhausted. I came home on the Monday but want to say thanks to everyone that made the weekend. There are too many to list here but Chris, Paco, Liz, Henry (Grublin Games), Chris Birch (Modiphius), Sarah Newton, Nel (Shadows of Esteren) were all top, top, people who deserve special mention. Finally a thanks to my fellow ThirstyKnights.

Here's to next year!

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