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UK RPGs on Kickstarter

May 2014Posted by Sir Keith Mon, May 12, 2014 11:59:22

So – This is the third attempt to do this update – thanks to computer crashes :(

Here are the latest updates from the UK RPGs that have successfully kickstartered…

Whats O.L.D is N.E.W.

There is a quick update on this on my last posting so please have a look. At the moment more funding is trickling in so more goals are being hit. This really has turned out great value and I heartily recommend still checking this out. I will review as I get my hard copies and PDFs….

Mutant Chronicles

Another recent RPG that still seems to be hitting funding goals, the new sculpts for miniatures; special dice from Q Workshop and numerous setting PDFs. There is such a great range available and you can still get in on the awards if you pledge on the site. Well worth investigating.

Achtung Cthulhu

The latest update for this great RPG was a real mixed bag. I will give you the actual message:

The lead writer on Assault on the Mountains of Madness has had to drop out, though the project is over 45% written between the other writer's involved. Working with so many creator's it's inevitable that something like this happens, so we are just getting on and recruiting a replacement. As this book is due to ship with Shadows of Atlantis and the three cross-over books (Dust, Godlike and Interface 19.40) it's likely to slow down Wave 3. We've been trying to keep the Wave 3 shipment from being more than 4 months over due but it looks like that might push back a month depending how we get on.

Of course PDF's will keep coming - Eastern Front, North Africa and The Fate Keeper's Guide should be out soon, and will also ship together in Wave 2 as soon as they'll all ready to print. We'll then be releasing the rest of Wave 3 books in PDF as they're completed so we'll be keeping you busy digitally in the meantime. My goal was to ship Wave 3 in late June but being realistic it's looking like late July or August as we don't want to rush this important book in the line. The good news is Assault' is likely to be somewhat episodic so we'll be able to issue PDF episodes to backer's who chose it. Here's where we are with the remaining books:

  • Fate Keeper's Guide - Final pages of layout, proofread. Then Release!
  • Eastern Front - text edits, then layout next. Interior Art complete, cover being drawn.
  • North Africa - text edits, then layout next, Art complete
  • Terrors of the Secret War - rewrite on some section then edit and layout, Art complete
  • Interface 19.40 - text complete, edit, layout. Art 50% complete
  • Secrets of the Dust - text complete, final re-writes, edit, layout. Art being commissioned
  • Power of the Gods - final playtesting of powers, edit, layout. Art being commissioned
  • Shadows of Atlantis - writing. Art being commissioned. Will be released episodically in pdf before final pre-print PDF.
  • Assault on the Mountains of Madness - writing. Art approx 30% complete. Will be released episodically in PDF before final pre-print PDF.”

I will keep reviewing and keep you updated…

Orin Rakatha

The funding was confirmed after Easter and so the guys are now in full production mode. To give full detail:

“Our first plan is to place all the orders for the external elements that we require, so Artwork, Maps, Armour, Swords & Figures will have orders placed with the Artists and specialist suppliers for each element; we'll update you on these as they progress.

The main job for us over the next 2 months (sounds like a long time but it will go fast) is to prep all the material ready for the first edit and type-setting / layout test work.

By the end of June we will aim to send all the work to the type-setter / layout artist; by the end of August we plan to have a working draft for final proof reading and by September be ready to complete our negotiations with printers.

This will put us in a timely position to fulfill digital pledges in October and physical pledges in November.”

Orbis Terranum

Another successful UK RPG, this is one that I am really looking forward to. So where are they? Well the update says…..

“Its 99.9% setting material now, but we want to make sure we give equal balance to all the cultures, Dan in particular needs his enthusiasm for adding new stuff reigning in on occasion!

Those of you who follow the FB page will have seen some of Ollie's fantastic new art I'm sure (like the one below), and we can report that Gary Chalk is on a roll with a whole stack of new pictures for us too :)

A lot more Patrons have also finally come through with their stuff as well, we're still chasing the last 4 or so 'Explorers' for their location ideas (so if your one of them please drop us a line), otherwise we'll be putting the space up for grabs amongst the rest of you lovely backers.

My new estimate is that we're a few weeks off getting all of our stuff finished and the patron content edited and formatted into the main book. I really don't know about the art after that but hopefully not too much longer.”

River of Heaven

A science fiction role-playing game set in the 28th Century, using a modified version of the OpenQuest D100 system

“work on River of Heaven has continued and I'm now halfway through the layout with a general feeling that I've broken the back of the work.”

Cthulhu Britannica: London

A deluxe boxed setting for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, putting 1920s London at your tentacle-tips!

The deluxe boxed set Kickstarter has been a great success!

“Artwork for The London Boxed Set is coming in thick and fast!... The Investigator’s Book is about to go into layout and it’s looking absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad we went for the black and white look - it’s so much more atmospheric for this era

Wow – so much going on that it is great to see the health of RPGs in the UK. Anything we can do to support we will so watch this space.

And remember to let me know what UKRoleplaying can do to support your RPG project!!

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