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Updates to the site

April 2014Posted by Sir Keith Mon, April 28, 2014 11:31:54

Hi all,

Sorry – been a bit busy, working on the sites, doing reviews as well as holidays, normal work and family life.

So in regards to the site, I am excited to announce that I have set up a forum site. I am looking to improve it, but in the meantime please have a look and join in the discussions…..

I have also been reviewing some books and so the front page now lists all that I have done and also started to add the product information for TSR and a list of all the scenarios for the different additions so that collectors and gamers can see exactly what is out there for the edition they play.

In regards to conventions, I am now preparing for the UKGames Expo at the end of May. This is the biggest gaming even in the UK and well worth a visit. Please come over and have a look. If you do then you will find me on the ThirstyKnight stand in the library area. Please come over and say hi. I will also be doing a lot of interviews and getting information for some features I plan for the site.

So there is plenty going on and a lot more planned as I look to expand the site with different systems and different features.

However the heart of the site is you. I want this to be your site, not mine. Let me know what you want. I am about to launch a survey for GMS to complete and another for players. Please watch this space……

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