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March 2014Posted by Sir Keith Thu, March 27, 2014 10:14:29

So I was going through my podcasts (three weeks behind at the moment) and i was amazed to hear that wizards had announced the cost of the new books for D&D at $50 each. This would translate to about £40 each in the UK - way above what is reasonable. The guys from the Haste podcast then announced they would get theirs from Amazon at a fraction of the price. But what does this mean? Amazon sell cheap but there is always a few weeks additional wait. They also have an unhealthy monopoly of the business and there are already too many independent shops struggling. I will probably get mine through IGUK, an excellent site who offer competitive prices. But what price is too much? With a lot of choices out there, does a new edition of D&D automatically mean they can charge what they want? Will you pay??

An interesting update from Orin Rakath – read it here! What is “real” in the interpretation of women’s gear in fantasy art? Thankfully we are away from the chainmail bikinis of the ‘80s, but what is realistic for them to wear? The folks from Orin are looking at LARP gear for inspiration. Take a look and see what you think. They are so close to funding this project, it would be great to see them over the line….

Also I have reviewed Mindjammer by Sarah Newton and listened to a fantastic interview with her on GMS Magazine (I recommend this as the host Paco is a top guy). It was very interesting to hear her take on the setting and the Fate rules. These are very simple and flexible rules that I think allow a lot of strong player interaction and interesting storytelling. I can’t wait to get my copy!!

Take Care – hope to see some of you in Birmingham at the end of May for the UKGames Expo.

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