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May 2014Posted by Sir Keith Fri, May 09, 2014 10:01:59
WOW - congratulations to Morrus from ENWorld and the successful funding of his kickstarter "What's O.L.D. is N.E.W."

This is a very crunchy system for fantasy dungeon campaigns (O.L.D.) or for advanced Sci-Fi adventures (N.E.W.) In addition I am very excited about his stretch goal of N.O.W. An RPG set in the 1980's, with talking cars, mercs and hi-tech helicopters. I will of course review all these once i have received them.....

Excitement is ramping up for UK Expo and I am lining up a list of several interviews. I will be speaking with the guys from Orin Rakatha, Shadows of Esteren, Modiphius, Cubicle 7 and Chronicle City.

In regards to UK Expo, Thirstyknight games will be launching the Every Rounds Counts kickstarter and testing Tinku - a fantasy army card game with amazing art.....

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Updates to the site

April 2014Posted by Sir Keith Mon, April 28, 2014 11:31:54

Hi all,

Sorry – been a bit busy, working on the sites, doing reviews as well as holidays, normal work and family life.

So in regards to the site, I am excited to announce that I have set up a forum site. I am looking to improve it, but in the meantime please have a look and join in the discussions…..

I have also been reviewing some books and so the front page now lists all that I have done and also started to add the product information for TSR and a list of all the scenarios for the different additions so that collectors and gamers can see exactly what is out there for the edition they play.

In regards to conventions, I am now preparing for the UKGames Expo at the end of May. This is the biggest gaming even in the UK and well worth a visit. Please come over and have a look. If you do then you will find me on the ThirstyKnight stand in the library area. Please come over and say hi. I will also be doing a lot of interviews and getting information for some features I plan for the site.

So there is plenty going on and a lot more planned as I look to expand the site with different systems and different features.

However the heart of the site is you. I want this to be your site, not mine. Let me know what you want. I am about to launch a survey for GMS to complete and another for players. Please watch this space……

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Tryranny of Dragons - Pax East

April 2014Posted by Sir Keith Tue, April 15, 2014 07:53:08

PAX East took place in the states last weekend (11th -13th April) and there was some interesting news coming out of WOTC. The Tyranny of Dragons panel took place on Friday and gave some interesting information about the product and Next in general. They also displayed some of the upcoming artwork.

  • Tyranny of Dragons is a STANDALONE product; no Player's Handbook or Dungeon Master's Guide is needed.
  • All "key" settings will be supported; this apparently includes Eberron wilth Keith Baker.
  • Forgotten Realms is the 5E flagship setting (no surprise there).
  • D&D Next is "97% done"
  • No prices, dates, or product covers; sorry!

Here is the article from David Ewalt as covered in Forbes. The article is here.

“The basic story line of Tyranny of Dragons: “ Tiamat, the queen of evil dragons, has languished in the nine hells for millenia. The Cult of the Dragon believes that the time for her return is at hand.” To accomplish its goal, the cult needs to round up five ancient dragon masks and rally the support of evil dragons everywhere.

On one side of the war, the evil Cult of the Dragon and the Red Wizards of Thay; on the other side, heroic groups including the Harpers, the Company of the Gauntlet, the Emerald Enclave, the Lords Alliance and the Zhentarim have set aside their differences to put an end to the tyranny.

• The ToD story line will will unfold across the face of Faerun, and include settings like Neverwinter, Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep. Every city is under siege.

• The Tyranny of Dragons story is the first story to launch with the new edition of the Dungeons & Dragons game. We though it should be tied to one of the most iconic villains and some of the most iconic monsters that the game has ever had.”

• The ToD adventures will be separate from the core system rules coming out this summer, but will be closely tied into those rules, and the first major adventures.

• Tyranny of Dragons “will be a transmedia experience.” We’ll see parts of the story not only in the tabletop RPG, but in the organized play program, in the Neverwinter MMO, and in other outlets Perkins can’t talk about yet. Fans will also get a peek at the experience during the live Acquisitions Incorporated game this Sunday at PAX East.

• ”We’re thinking of Dungeons & Dragons as an entertainment experience across multiple platforms” that will move from story to story fluidly… so a plotline might start in the organized play games and finish in a published module.

• ”The Forgotten Realms is our flagship setting for the new edition, however we are supporting, or will support, all of our key settings in the future.” That includes Ebberon, says Perkins, and “you are going to see more Ravenloft stuff very soon.”

• The new rules and new adventures play with the idea of in-game factions: Characters can align with certain local groups, receive awards from them, and increase in rank. These factions are specifically chosen to appeal to different kinds of characters and players.

Modrons will return in the upcoming fifth edition rules!

The DNDInsider page for Tyranny of Dragons is here

The mention of other settings is very interesting and here is a bit that was sent out by the inestimable ENWorld email:

“Chris Perkins indicated that Dragonlance was "not dead". However, he did indicate that a specialist would be needed to "revive it", which strongly implies that there's plans for it at present. Certainly Margaret Weis (one of the co-creators) and Cam Banks (one of the Dragonlance designers for 3E) are not currently part of any plan. Check out this Twitter conversation ("boymonster" is Cam Banks):
@boymonster <- Dragonlance specialist
@WeisMargaret I'm a dragonlance specialist!
@boymonster I think you out-specialize me by a wide margin.
@WeisMargaret who is Chris sims?
@boymonster That would be @ChrisSSims, an editor & designer at WotC. He seems like a reasonably fine gentleman.
@WeisMargaret I heard you were looking for Dragonlance specialists! I'm available!
@ChrisSSims Hi! Hmmm. I think you should talk to @mikemearls then. You too, @boymonster.

I'm fairly sure Mike Mearls already knows exactly who to contact should any Dragonlance plans arise. Cam Banks later went on to post publicly to Facebook the following:

Yesterday, Chris Perkins of WotC gave a presentation at PAX East about the future of D&D, including their new plans for the Forgotten Realms and other classic D&D settings. He said that Dragonlance wasn't dead, it just needed a specialist to work on it.

I believe that Dragonlance has a place in D&D's future. I believe there are many talented writers, editors, and developers with the enthusiasm and knowledge of the setting to help them make that a reality, not the least of which are Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. I believe Dragonlance has a strong, vibrant, and dedicated fan base hungry for more novels, for more game books, for the very same transmedia experience that they're hoping to promote with their D&D brand.

And I believe that I would love to be a part of that.”

Temple of Tiamat

Here is the link to the artwork (this is an EnWorld forum):

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Comments now available

April 2014Posted by Sir Keith Tue, April 08, 2014 11:17:03
Hi all

It has been bought to my attention that the comment buttons have not worked on a lot of the posts etc. I have now fixed this so look forward to the great community out there having a look (and a comment) on everything on the site!!

Remember any issues please email me at

Have fun and enjoy to the site - and let me know what you want to see and to be improved!!


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Free Tabletop Day RPGs

April 2014Posted by Sir Keith Fri, April 04, 2014 08:31:14
A very quick note to give you all the heads-up on free RPG stuff from our friends over at Drivethru RPG:


We're celebrating International Tabletop Day 2014 with a massive bundle of free gaming goodness. Over $70 of RPGs are yours—FREE!—thanks to participating publishers. You'll also find a boatload of some of our most popular QuickStarts to let you jump into your game of choice.

A $71.95 Value for FREE!

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No Fools here

April 2014Posted by Sir Keith Tue, April 01, 2014 10:55:34

I have been using Herolab for quite a while now, for my Pathfinder campaign. However now WolfLair have finally released the campaign manager system:

Realm Works Now Available!

What's Realm Works?

"We’ve been shouting from the rooftops, but in case you missed it, we have some exciting news to share… Realm Works is now available for sale on our web store, for a special introductory price of $49.99! This includes 6 months of our standard tier cloud service (a $24.99 value)!"

Built by a team of experienced GMs, Realm Works is the Game Master’s answer to managing your tabletop RPG campaigns. Use Realm Works to run and prepare RPG sessions for any game system, whether it’s a well-known system by a big name publisher or a system that you’ve created from scratch. With automatic linking, player-immersive Fog of World™, and lots more, Realm Works will transform your gaming experience. Spend less time preparing, more time creating, and focus on sharing the story with your players!

Looking to learn more about this brand new campaign management tool? Take the Virtual Tour and discover what Realm Works has to offer at the official website!

Final Countdown

We are now in the final few days for both Orin Rakatha and Shadows of Esteren on Kickstarter. I encourage you to go over and have a look at both these exciting projects. I have a feature on Orin Rakatha on the site and I promise to get the reviews for Shadows of Esteren completed soon!!

Pathfinder update

The latest adventure path takes place in the Golarian Egytptian setting. However adventuring in a place such as this has many perils that the DM may like to take into account. I am currently writing a quick note on adding more realism to your campaign – it will be posted soon.

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Thoughts from the field

March 2014Posted by Sir Keith Thu, March 27, 2014 10:14:29

So I was going through my podcasts (three weeks behind at the moment) and i was amazed to hear that wizards had announced the cost of the new books for D&D at $50 each. This would translate to about £40 each in the UK - way above what is reasonable. The guys from the Haste podcast then announced they would get theirs from Amazon at a fraction of the price. But what does this mean? Amazon sell cheap but there is always a few weeks additional wait. They also have an unhealthy monopoly of the business and there are already too many independent shops struggling. I will probably get mine through IGUK, an excellent site who offer competitive prices. But what price is too much? With a lot of choices out there, does a new edition of D&D automatically mean they can charge what they want? Will you pay??

An interesting update from Orin Rakath – read it here! What is “real” in the interpretation of women’s gear in fantasy art? Thankfully we are away from the chainmail bikinis of the ‘80s, but what is realistic for them to wear? The folks from Orin are looking at LARP gear for inspiration. Take a look and see what you think. They are so close to funding this project, it would be great to see them over the line….

Also I have reviewed Mindjammer by Sarah Newton and listened to a fantastic interview with her on GMS Magazine (I recommend this as the host Paco is a top guy). It was very interesting to hear her take on the setting and the Fate rules. These are very simple and flexible rules that I think allow a lot of strong player interaction and interesting storytelling. I can’t wait to get my copy!!

Take Care – hope to see some of you in Birmingham at the end of May for the UKGames Expo.

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Chronicles of Future Earth

March 2014Posted by Sir Keith Mon, March 24, 2014 13:14:53
Hi - our friends over at Modiphius has sent the following release that some of you may be interested in.....

The Chronicles of Future Earth RPG Setting Sourcebook


"In the last centuries of the Fifth Cycliad, a great malaise began to descend on the lands of humankind. The great civilisations of Earth, which for aeons had seemed on the verge of slumber, now finally began to rot from within. From the edges of the world the ever-present enemies drew close, their hungry claws poised to tear apart the delicate flesh of a fruit a hundred millennia in the harvesting. And all around, a cry arose for heroes, to stand against the dying of the light and save the world from the sins of its past."

"Some said that it was the end of days. Some said that it was only the beginning. These pages tell the history of that time yet to come. These are the Chronicles of Future Earth."

Mindjammer Press and The Design Mechanism are delighted to announce that The Chronicles of Future Earth science-fantasy roleplaying setting is back, in an all-new full-size hardback edition for the 6th edition of the RuneQuest game.

The Earth we know is gone, forgotten in the depths of time. In its place is a world of mystery and danger, steeped in a thousand centuries of history and legend, where humankind brushes shoulders with beings and creatures strange and monstrous. The Venerable Autocracy of Sakara, the greatest - and oldest - of the Springtide Civilisations, rules over half the world, led by an immortal God-Emperor whose very word is law. It's a world of deep, dark forests, brooding mountains, timeworn ruins haunted with the ghosts of the past and the weird monsters of the future. Arcane sorcerers explore strange dimensions, terrible priests wield powers from godlike extradimensional intelligences, and mighty soldiers forge new histories from the ruins of the past. It's a time of danger, reckoning, and adventure. Welcome to The Chronicles of Future Earth.

The Chronicles of Future Earth is a 296-page hardback supplement for the RuneQuest 6th edition game, detailing the cultures, peoples, and creatures of the Venerable Autocracy of Sakara, the oldest of the Springtide Civilisations. With extensive histories, maps, and background, rules for ancient treasures and technologies dug from the depths of the earth, and much more, The Chronicles of Future Earth is the first in a new line of RuneQuest supplements produced by Mindjammer Press, providing everything you need to adventure amid exotic civilisations and the ruins of an ancient past in the unimaginably distant future.

"I've been waiting to produce a full-size sourcebook for The Chronicles of Future Earth for several years," says ENnie Award-winning RPG author Sarah Newton (Mindjammer, Monsters & Magic, Achtung! Cthulhu, Burn Shift, Legends of Anglerre), creator of the Chronicles. "RuneQuest 6th edition represents the cutting edge of the d100 system, and is a perfect ruleset for this new expanded edition. I'm really excited to see what the combined forces of RuneQuest 6 and The Chronicles of Future Earth can produce!"

Lawrence Whitaker, co-owner of The Design Mechanism, said: "We're delighted that Mindjammer Press chose RuneQuest 6 as the engine for The Chronicles of Future Earth. It's a wonderful setting and fits perfectly with the RuneQuest ethos. We are very much looking forward to seeing how Sarah and the Mindjammer Press team use the RuneQuest rules for Chronicles and are very happy to be working with them at long last."

The Chronicles of Future Earth will be published by Mindjammer Press and distributed by Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. Scheduled for release Winter 2014/15.

MINDJAMMER PRESS is a British games publisher founded by ENnie award-winning author Sarah Newton (Mindjammer, Achtung! Cthulhu, Monsters & Magic, Legends of Anglerre, Fate Core - Burn Shift, The Chronicles of Future Earth) and Chris McWilliam to produce roleplaying games and related fiction, including: the transhuman science-fiction roleplaying game Mindjammer for Fate Core, and its series of supplements and novels; The Chronicles of Future Earth; and Monsters & Magic. Find out more about Mindjammer Press at or follow them on Twitter @MindjammerPress or Facebook (, or by email at

THE DESIGN MECHANISM is the company founded by Lawrence Whitaker and ENnie award-winning author Pete Nash to produce the latest edition of RuneQuest. Since its release in June 2012 RuneQuest 6 has gone from strength to strength winning critical acclaim from within the industry. Find out more about The Design Mechanism at, Facebook at, and on G+ (Communities: The Design Mechanism).

The Chronicles of Future Earth is coming Winter 2014/15 from Modiphius Entertainment. Find out more at

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