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The relaunch....

January 2014Posted by Sir Keith Fri, November 15, 2013 09:29:29

Hi – Welcome to the Re-launch of the UK Roleplaying website. Due to many issues the site has not been updated for quite a while, so I have decided to re-look at what I wanted from the site and how I was going to run it (as a one man operation!).

To make it work properly and to do what it says on the tin, the main aim of this site will be to promote and support RPGs in the UK. I will be mainly reviewing and supporting games from UK publishers but also looking at other European games. I will also though be offering advice and support for GMs and players and also giving news and reviews of the main players in the hobby (D&D and Pathfinder). One of the main issues seems to be helping players find each other and to support the diminishing number of games shops out there. Here I need your assistance. What shops are close to you?? What shops do you use and how do you rate them?? Let’s work together and ensure our hobby remains healthy and continues to grow.

I have also started to run a pathfinder campaign that meets every third week, taking them through the Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary edition) Adventure Path. However to get players was a real struggle. Also trying to get handouts and game aids was a pain as many links didnt work or the quality was poor. I know a lot of people out there spend a lot of time and effort and make great stuff for the community. I hope to help you share them.

Finally there are many small (and not so small) RPG Cons out there. Paizocom UK, Dragonmeet, UK Games Expo to name but three. But again give me reports and I will add them to the site!!!

OK – that’s it from me – a brief note but hopefully this relaunch will be successful and I can work on promoting RPGs from the UK. If you have a project or need some support, please let me know.

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