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Useful DM LinksPosted by Sir Keith Sun, June 02, 2013 15:26:40
Dungeon Grind Online Comic

Hope you enjoy this one.


Deep characters, snarky humor, parallel storylines, ordinary people and wicked fantasy, all wrapped up into one.

The Order of the Stick

If you've ever even remotely heard of D&D, this is a must read.

DM of the Rings

You've probably heard of this one already - it's the story of The Lord of the Rings, told as if it were an RPG campaign run by a heavily railroading GM, using screencaps from the Peter Jackson movies as the visual element.

DMotR: Darths and Droids

The Star Wars movies told as an RPG using screencaps for visuals. The plot manages to develop its own originality even while being confined to the visuals from the films. It's hard to explain, but definitely give it a look. This is the comic that made Jar Jar Binks likeable.

Planescape Survival Guide

A comic that you've probably not heard of, but is well worth the read. Granted, the early art is not the best, but if you push through you'll find an amazing Planescape tale, based off one of the author's own campaigns.

NPC Comic


It's completed, and long (it ran for years), but it reads like a transcription of someone's Evil campaign.


Inspired by Order of the Stick.

Irregular WebComic

Different themes which are mostly RPG based.

Goblins Comic

D&D from the goblins perspective.

Guilded Age

It's a pretty awesome comic. It's been around for a year or so, and combines aspects of MMO gaming with aspects of RPG gaming.


Do not let this one pass you by! It might not have a lot to do with RPG, but it's one hell of an adventure, and is the kind of epic story most of us are trying for when we craft our games.

Do you know of any other great online RPG-ish comics? If so, drop me the link(s). Thanks!

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