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Mapping and Tiles

Useful DM LinksPosted by Sir Keith Sun, June 02, 2013 15:24:02
A (Mostly) Comprehensive List of Fantastic Terrain in 4E D&D

Here's a chart of interesting encounter terrains. Even if you don't play 4E, you might find some good inspiration.

Py Mapper: Free Tile Mapper Tool

Tile based mapping software makes creating floorplans fast and easy.

PyMapper is a great one because there are several tile sets available, some based on the official D&D tiles.

Dyson's Random Morph Map

This tool creates appealing random dungeon maps. A couple of configurable options should give you thousands of hours of dungeon play.

Custom Monster Tiles

"I couldn't see buying actual miniatures, so I made these little bad boys instead. I used the Fiery Dragon token packs and bought some 1"x1" and 2"x2" acrylic squares from Litko."

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